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AD/HD in America

In the United States, it is estimated that over 2 million children have ADHD. Than means that in every class with 25 students there will be at least 1 student with ADHD. The main symptoms of ADHD are high levels of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. A proper diagnosis by a well qualified professoinal is necessary if you suspect your child may have ADHD or ADD. There are solutions for ADD and ADHD. Medications are available as well as psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, social skills training, support groups, and parenting skills training.

Play Attention

Today, it seems that if your child has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD he/she will be set aside and "marked" as unteachable or problematic. All too often teachers tend to persuade parents to first seek out positive diagnosis and then a medication for their child. With the various risks and side effects that are inherent with available medications, this is not always the preferred solution, if a solution at all.
This site is built around the premis that in many cases AD/HD can be treated without the use of drugs. What is this miracle treatment? The answer is
Play Attention!
Play Attention is a system designed on technology developed and currently in use by NASA. NASA uses this feedback technology to train pilots and astronauts! As we all know, pilots and astronauts have to be razor sharp and attentive to even the slightest details, alert at all times; a fine tuned, well maintained mind. NASA has access to any technology available and use only the best. Play Attention actually enhances that technology and tailors it specifically for ADD/ADHD treatment. This revolutionary new approach to ADD/ADHD treatment is so impressive, it is even certified by the Space Foundation!
Space Foundation Educational Seal
If there is a chance at all that AD/HD can be treated without the child being riddled with side effects I believe that it is worth what ever it takes. Play Attention works and it is surprisingly affordable, they even offer payment plans! It all seems too good to be true, but it isn't!
Play Attention not only treats ADD/ADHD, but is also extremely effective in helping with focus, concentration, active and short term memory, hyperactivity reduction and reading comprehension.


You will find a lot of information on my site to help you learn about ADD/ADHD. I have an extensive line of books, videos and information plus a forum devoted exclusively to ADD/ADHD discussion! It is my sincere wish that parents with children that have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD will seek alternative treatments, always seeking out the least invasive and most side-effect free solution.

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