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Attention Deficit

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How Play Attention Works

Learning Centers

By working toward being in a relaxed, attentive state, the user moves and controls a series of characters and objects to improve:

Time on Task

Needed for better comprehension and concentration, this is the ability to start and complete an assignment within a given amount of time.

Visual Tracking

Which promotes better focus on a topic or subject, such as a teacher or someone talking to you. Visual Tracking is the ability to follow a moving object with focused attention.

Short Term Memory Sequencing

Helps with multi-tasking and assists in teaching the user to follow multiple step directions.

Discriminatory Processing

Reduces the effects of distraction at home, school, and the workplace.

Bring your life into focus.

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The sensors in the helmet monitor the functions related to focus and attentiveness, so the user can see in real time how they are progressing. If he begins to fidget or lose focus, it is immediately detected and alters the results of the games.
Professional athletes, artists and musicians aren't born. They must practice their craft until they reach a level that is constant and consistent. The Play Attention Learning System encourages practice of key cognitive and attention skills that, in a relatively short amount of time, retrains the brain how to think more clearly, more attentively and with more focus.

Computer minimum System Requirements to run Play Attention.

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