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Learning Centers featuring Play Attention are located in many regions of the United States, China, Singapore, Taiwan, and Puerto Rico. Learning Centers that have Play Attention systems integrate our cutting-edge attention training with academic and social skills tutoring.

While others provide only academic tutoring, Learning Centers offering Play Attention can offer far more. The majority of certified learning centers do not have websites. Those that do are listed below.

Ednovative Solutions, Pte, Ltd (Singapore - site in English)

Mia Frimtzis
There is no website yet, please call (760) 902-7785 for more information.

FOCUS through FUN developed by the Institute for Behavioral Health

Kidz Grow (Singapore - site in English)

Successful Minds
There is no website yet, please call (336)-299-1273 for more information.

If you would like to integrate Play Attention into your Learning Center, or would like to start a Play Attention Learning Center of your own, we offer:

Centered On Play Attention

Once your staff is certified, they can work with a student to assess a child's needs and create a personalized learning program featuring Play Attention at its core. Our programs can help you target and eliminate issues that cause poor focus and concentration while carefully integrating academic and social skills training.

Students achieve success through our unique and patented Edufeedback technology. It helps to provide skill transfer, reinforcement, and academic confidence.

Edufeedback facilitates a success-based environment where specific goals are set and achieved, such as increased attention stamina and improved time on-task.

As a Play Attention Learning Center, you can work in cooperation with schools and parents to better assist and prepare children for life's challenges and opportunities.

To start your own Play Attention Learning Center, or to learn how to incorporate it into an existing center, Contact Us Here for more information.

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